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Encircle Mums

Encircle Mums is a wellbeing group for mums, a creative circle for mums that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Meeting in an encouraging safe space that supports community connection through craft, sharing of stories and food. ENCIRCLE Mums offers universal support in a context which is welcoming and supportive of women from all backgrounds.

Caring Dads

Caring Dads is a 17-week group to support fathers in developing child-centred and abuse free relationships with their children and their children’s mothers.

Baby makes 3 (post-natal)

This is a post-natal education three-part program helping first-time parents maintain healthy relationships when welcoming a new baby. The weekly sessions are facilitated by two experienced KEYS Early years staff members. You can find out more about the Baby Makes 3 program and/or register your interest to attend, via the link below.

Baby makes 3 (ante-natal)

This is an antenatal 3-part program helping couples with a baby on the way maintain healthy relationships and learn what to expect during childbirth. The sessions are delivered weekly by a qualified Midwife & Childbirth educator in partnership with experienced KEYS group facilitators. You can find out more about the program and/or register your interest to attend via the link below.