Parents as Teachers (PAT)

The Parents as Teachers Facilitator offers home visits to Kwinana families that are customised and centred around play based activities focussing on the age and stage of development of each child. The Facilitator assists parents to understand their child's development, whilst connecting them to appropriate resources.

On each visit the Parents as Teachers Facilitator will:

  • Observe the child's development and explain the importance of play, offer information about the play based activity and encourage parents to participate
  • Discuss the challenges facing the family as a whole
  • Talk to parents about family dynamics, their parenting values and core beliefs
  • Help parents build strong protective factors to keep themselves, their child and their family healthy, strong and resilient
  • Link the family to the community and events that may be of interest and value to them
  • Encourage, mentor and support the parents to be the best they can be