KEYS Future Goals

With the development of new partnerships and the increasing need for the current services and programs that we provide, we are no longer able to accommodate all the services from our ‘house’ in Hewison Road. The opportunity to take on a new office in the Darius Wells Building will provide a professional site for Counselling and Family Support clients. The office will be central to the town centre and provide a great network for community members.

Our goals for 2012/13 are to:

Provide a more extensive service to the community in the future through the sourcing of additional funding and the development of new partnerships throughout 2012/13.

  • Including a new partnership with South Coastal Women’s Health Services to provide additional specialised counselling to families within Kwinana
  • A new partnership with Playgroup WA and Leda Primary School to deliver a specialist playgroup for parents who have children with Autism
  • To continue and build upon our strong partnership with Ngala to deliver our services to young parents

We will continue to

  • Develop a strong Intensive Family Support arm.
  • To further engage children in early literacy with the expansion of literacy programs.
  • Provide ongoing support to service providers and organisations in the development of their programs i.e. New Calista Early Years Hub.
  • Further develop our services for children ‘at risk’ between the ages of 6 and 12 years.
  • To continue to ensure that children are provided with the best possible life outcomes.