Dr Dawn Butterworth

 Vice Chairperson

Early Childhood Education is Dawn Butterworth’s ‘magnificent obsession’, having worked in the field for over 40 years. Further to her position as Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at Edith Cowan University, she has fulfilled visiting fellowships in China, Malaysia, Korea and Thailand. Dawn is in high demand as a speaker at international, national and local conferences, and has won numerous awards for research in areas such as ‘Effects of Daycare’, ‘The Effect of Family Violence on Young Children’ and ‘Lone Father Families’. She is also the author of many journal articles and books in the Early Childhood area. Dr Butterworth holds bachelor, honours and doctoral degrees in the areas of Education, Arts and Special Needs.

An active member of the World Organisation for Early Childhood (OMEP) for all of her adult life, Dr Butterworth is currently the President of OMEP Australia as well as the W.A. Chapter. Dawn continues to serve on the board of KEYS and of AWCH. She is the President of the National Council of Women of WA, a Director of NCWA, and is Advisor, Child and Family for the International Council of Women.